Bonnie & Clyde

A free spirited small town girl ( bonnie Parker) bored of herself get the chance of a lifetime to be the one the most infamous criminals when she meets a bank robber by the name Clyde Barrow). Starting off small they start off with stores and gradually move on to bigger more dangerous things. The dynamic between them is shown within the first 10 minutes of move. They are instantly drawn to each other, but even then so through out the entire movie there seem to be off about the too. On example is his inability to be intimate with her. Through all her efforts it is only in the end when he is finally able to sexually intiamate with her. This conundrum has left many people wondering whether or not the character Clyde was a homosexual in real life. Even taking that aside their story is one of the most compelling interesting love stories in a movie. Although their characters are against the law and suppose to be looked at as bad people. They both are highly likable cahracters and the director purposely asks you to relate to them  even after they commit all of their crimes. this type of movie so new to its time and been reproduced many times since this movie. I believe stories like this is one of the most fasinating types features to come out of Hollywood.

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